Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pop a Tot - a TRULY portable baby entertainer

The Popatot is one of those products that EVERY new parent needs to have! I only wish it had been around when my first child was born. It would have made life at home, and outings, so much easier. In fact, after having this for less than 2 weeks, I actually dropped off our FisherPrice Intellitainer at a consignment store. It was a great product and we loved it for 3 years, but with it's big plastic form, and toys that never change, it just couldn't compare to the portable Popatot, with it's ability to be wherever I need it (it folds like a camping chair), and to change the toys as often as needed (thanks to 5 velcro loops) to combat boredom or to change with their developmental interests. The cupholders have been lifesavers too, for sippys and snacks to hold their attention even longer. I can't believe how much easier it's been to get all those little tasks done, and to multitask thanks to this. I'm also an avid babywearer, but this fills the gaps with that too. I can't safely wear him while cooking or eating, and as he's mobile now, he doesn't always want to be snuggled up. The Popatot allows him enough freedom to be happy for awhile, without letting him get into danger. This is absolutely a must have in my books.

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